Do you ever wonder how to extend your brand’s reach? Yes, you can do more digital and social media. Yes, you can increase your advertising spending. However, another way to extend your reach is to change how your frame your brand’s values. Here’s one example…

Canon did just this by not focusing on the camera, but on how its products help you tell your story in the best possible way. This meant a shift from product focus to customer focus. Doing this helped Canon increase share against traditional competitors like Nikon and newer competitors like smartphones.

One example of this is the TV ad “Live for the Story” (shown below) created by VCCP.  The sixty-second spot tells the story of a young boy as he grows into a young man intent on enjoying each day to the fullest. This ad’s intent is to inspire the current generation of smartphone users to upgrade their storytelling with the use of Canon cameras.

DMR has a research method that helps you uncover what a motivating customer focus means for your business.  Just give us a call and we’ll show you how this can work to “extend your brand’s reach.”   Just call Mary Beth directly.  (mobile:  202-255-3070 or office:  202-364-4966)