The Basic Marketing Challenge

All marketers want to motivate customers to notice and prefer their product or service, but the challenge is to understand how customers make decisions.  As a result, we all wonder if our messaging and branding are working as effectively as possible to motivate customers to purchase from us.

DMR’s Approach

Our approach is based on scientific research involving rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods and means-end theory. The basic premise of means-end theory is that customers do not buy simply based only on the tactical and tangible features of your product or service. Rather, effective marketing lets customers see the product as a means to a desired end – a way to satisfy their needs and values.

We begin by understanding the most important concrete attributes of our product or service and then move to the next involving benefits (or consequences.) Finally, we focus on the universal end values that customers truly value. Simply put, we know we can attract customers with our product attributes, connect deeply with them by demonstrating the consequences or benefits of our products, and then motivate them with the most powerful and emotionally appealing end values. We call this method our ACESM Framework. list of gateway consequences

In the course of doing this type of research, we have also discovered special gateway consequences. These items act as filters and all salient attributes and consequences must be communicated and pass through them to make the end values resonate clearly and effectively.

The End Result

 The result is a decision-making map that provides you with a clear picture of how customers think about your product or service, and the values that ultimately drive buyer choice.  Your communications, advertising, sales demos, and branding messages will be more powerful. Your resources will be deployed more effectively.

Companies that have benefited from this approach include: DirecTV, Blood Centers of America, Marriott Hotels, Philips Electronics, New Media Communications, and many more.

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