The client was a a new practice of family physicians who come to your home, office, hotel room or most anywhere you are to meet your healthcare needs. The challenge was to identify the core elements of the practice that would serve as key brand identifiers and guide marketing and PR strategy as well [...]



A prominent association in Washington, DC wanted to enhance its market share and better understand its members’ needs. The challenge was to identify key motivators for membership, loyalty and engagement and formulate a strategy to allocate resources more effectively against these benefits and values. We conducted values-based research using our proprietary branding methodology. [...]

Higher Education


A provider of higher education and training services was looking for help in making a decision on allocating its resources between traditional college education and training for government employees. Through interviews with key executives and staff members as well as a quantitative survey of the target market, we answered the questions at hand. [...]

Information Technology


An information Technology company asked us to help them build a plan to increase the value of their enterprise offering by increasing its market share. We conducted a series of qualitative and quantitative efforts to develop an umbrella positioning that would appeal to three distinct types of decision makers. The challenge was to [...]

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