“The findings led to a 20% increase in lead generation and a 17% lift in sales closure rates.”

“With Decision Making Research…we were able to achieve our objective of out-marketing our competitors by developing more effective marketing messages, not by increasing our marketing expenditures.”

CEO, Digital Satellite TV Company

“The findings are like the Holy Grail of Marketing Strategy.”

“As a result of the work by Decision Making Research, we identified “hot button messages” for use across the full spectrum of the sales and marketing process… Our revenues doubled in two years and we received the Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant Award.’”

VP, Marketing, Enterprise Technology Company for Colleges and Universities

“The results led to a 17% increase in membership revenues in one year and a 35% increase in member satisfaction and retention.”

“What Decision Making Research does is give you the eyes to view yourself as your customers do.  If you are to be a vital and functional organization, this is something you cannot do without.”

President, Multi-National Trade Association

“Fantastic. Now I know how to keep guests happy and add to my revenues as well.”

“This is remarkable.  We needed some basis for setting our priorities beyond our own judgment, and now we clearly have it with Decision Making Research.”

SVP, Sales and Marketing, Large Global Hotel Corporation

“As a result of the work of Decision Making Research, we received two times as many qualified leads from an industry conference as we had …in the past two years combined.”

“What emerged through the research was the discovery of a subtle but powerful metaphor that served as a unified theme and spoke to the needs of executives, nurses and care-givers and IT personnel as well.”

President and CEO, Enterprise IT Health Care Provider

“Decision Making Research exceeded our expectations.…The findings led to strong sales growth and increased profit margins as well.”

CEO, Large Regional (Mid-Atlantic) Furniture Company

“The findings achieved significant cost savings in employee benefit programs …In addition they led to a surprising twelve percent improvement in job satisfaction in one year and 20 percent the next.”

Regional VP, Large Global Hotel Company

“Mary Beth enabled our practice to get to the root of what will drive success…We didn’t get just a sales pitch to market.  Rather, we got information on what defines our brand…This is an invaluable resource for any business…”

Founder, New Practice of Family Physicians